What’s the the worst thing that can happen to a dragon who is nearly as old as time itself? Make his soul mate young and immature. Then tell him he has to look after her while her sister goes away.

But to top all that? Want her to have a normal life. And then stand by while she wants to date boys and push her curfew.

For Zoah it would be so much easier to tell her who she is to him. But he knows that she’ll fall in love with the idea of him, not actually with him. He doesn’t want that, becasue he wants Charlotte to have her freedom, something that has already been taken from her once before.

When Charlotte finally senses the bond between her and Zoah she keeps it to herself. In doing so she leaves him no choice, and when his duties of caring for her are over, he leaves.

Over the next couple of years she grows and blossoms, sure he watches over her from time to time. But she doesn’t know if he will ever come back to claim her.

On a visit to Spellholm, she finds something that sets things in motion, leading her to distant shores, and into danger she thought long past. Her only hope is that Zoah will finally accept what is between them and act on it.

But for Zoah, it may already be too late…

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