His Bear’s Necessity

Released: 17th Oct 2016

Series:Return to Bear Bluff

Growing up, was tough for Jed Creswell, his family struggled for money, and sometimes he had to be a little creative to help put food in his younger sibling’s stomachs. But that’s the past, and for the last few years, he’s been working away from Bear Bluff. Now he’s returned, a reformed character who is determined to work hard and put his brother and sisters through college, so they get a better start in life.

That is until he meets Amanda, his mate, from that moment on he is torn, between the family he has, and the family of his own he wants, with the woman he is going to spend the rest of his life with.
Amanda wants a new life in the town her grandma moved to, when she fell in love with a bear shifter. What she doesn’t need, is a man in her life, she’s done with them. She doesn’t trust them, and doesn’t need them.

However, when her boss, Dylan Taylor, takes on a new employee, Jed Creswell, the way he looks at Amanda leaves her in no doubt he thinks she’s his mate. Growing up with the stories her grandma used to tell her about what it was like to have a bear shifter as a mate, Amanda is tempted into giving Jed a chance.

Until Amanda’s past catches up with her, and she doesn’t know if it would be better for everyone if she moved on again.
She soon realizes Jed is not going to let that happen, not when she’s his bear’s necessity.

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