Misty has been released from her contract early, something she doesn’t question, until she glimpses the other side of Darius. In that moment, she understands he is a shifter too, stuck on the wrong side of the border. Only when she is kidnapped, does she realise the lengths other people will go to to discover the secret of the man who has kept her safe for the last two years.

Kieran is a cage fighter. And he’s good at it. So good that no one has ever beaten him, and despite knowing he is a shifter freak, he enjoys the rewards that come with his job. Until Misty enters his life, and he realises she is his mate. Now he is about to throw everything away to rescue her, and take her to safety across the border to Shifters Prime.

A place he swore he would never go.

Because Kieran was brought up to fear the Prime. But he soon realises, it’s time to face his past, and his future, and this is one fight he cannot afford to lose.

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