When Sam meets his bonded mate, he pledges to tame her heart, not break her spirit.

Antonia has come to Bear Creek to find out exactly what is going on with her sister, Kayleigh. To be precise, she had come to make her see sense. There is no way Kayleigh should be marrying Daryl, a man she has only been dating for two weeks.

And don’t even get her started on his brother, Sam, there is certainly something weird about him.

However, nothing can prepare her the truth.

Now Antonia has two choices. Give in to her fate, or run as fast as she can back to her old life. This is a difficult decision for Antonia, who has sworn to stay away from men, and certainly NEVER have children. Yet is intensely drawn to Sam and what he wants to offer her.

Torn between a past that haunts her and a man who wants her in his bed, she is a mixed up mess of confusion.

Sam, is stunned when he finds his mate. She’s come to town to drag her sister away from Bear Creek and the bad influences that live there. Namely his brother Daryl.

From the start Antonia thinks Sam is an idiot and tries to deny any attraction between them. But when secrets are revealed and bonds are tested, can he possibly win her over with understanding and kindness? Or will she leave him heartbroken and alone?

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