stranded with her bear

Stranded With Her Bear (Bear Bluff Clan Book Three) Trent Savage has everything going for him, and all the women of Bear Bluff know it. And he enjoys the attention, what red-blooded male bear wouldn’t? After all, what’s the point in having the looks and physique of a God and not use it to your advantage. Until he finds Willow in the back of his truck.

Willow is trying to escape her past, but with no money, her plan to get far away from home are thwarted, until she sneaks into a truck when the driver isn’t looking. Risky, but what can go wrong? If he finds her, the worst he will do is throw her out, and at least she will be somewhere different.

Somewhere, where no one knows her terrible secret.

What Willow doesn’t know is that she is Trent Savage’s mate. So when he does discover his stowaway, there is no way she is going to run any further than his bed!

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