Song Bear

Released: April 10th, 2018

Series: Silverbacks and Second Chances (Book 4)

Elise has known loss, and now she’s ready to love.

Moving to Bear Creek was a big decision for bear shifter, Elise. She left behind a life, a career, and a mountain of memories. However, the thought of watching Frankie’s children grow up, and the chance to open a new organ transplant coordination department at the hospital in Bear Bluff, persuaded Elise it was the right decision.
Then, on a morning run in the mountains, she hears a song. Not just any song. And not just any singer.
Elise lost her heart to Hank Rivera when she was fourteen. She used to lie on her bed, listening to his heartbreakingly deep voice soar with emotion. He was hers. And she was his. It didn’t matter that every other girl on the planet thought the exact same thing.
Then he disappeared. Until now.
Could it be that the Hank Rivera truly is hers?

Hank left behind a career he loved. Instead, he traveled the world, he built schools, helped those in need, and generally forgot about the world of music. Until he arrived in Bear Creek.
One morning, he picked up his guitar and strummed the notes of an old song.
His mate heard it like a siren’s call. Now she’s here, in his cabin, and his whole life is about to change.
But can this song bear make a comeback and help Elise raise much-needed funds for the transplant department? Or will he live in obscurity, overshadowed by the events of the past?

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