River Run Wolf

Released: July 20, 2018

Series: Return to Bear Creek (Book 21)

After startling revelations about her family history, Sage travels to the River Run Mountains to help restore an ancient water source to the River Wolf Lands. It’s the least she can do, since her ancestors were indirectly responsible for the devastation caused to the River Wolf Clan by a malicious dragon centuries ago.

What she doesn’t expect is to find is her mate.

Wolf shifter, Patrick, is happy that past mistakes are being put where they belong. In…well…the past. However, when Sage, a descendant of the Stone Claw Clan, arrives in River Wolf Lands past and present collide.

Secrets long buried are unearthed and the descendants of the two clans, with the help of dragon shifter, Emilia, will do whatever it takes to find the truth.

Can past mistakes really be forgiven, and old wounds healed? Find out in River Run Wolf.

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