Hero Bear

Released: January 3, 2018

Series: Return to Bear Creek (Book 13)

Bear shifter Knox has never had it easy. Whatever he touches, whatever he loves, ends up dead. Or so he thinks when he moves to Bear Creek to stay with his old army buddy, Jamie. But fate is not ready to give up on this hero bear and when he meets Hannah, his true mate, he starts to believe in happy endings.

Hannah is a social worker, with a problem. A young bear shifter, who lost his dad, is nearly out of control—so the school principal would have everyone believe. When she meets a damaged bear shifter, she soon realizes that in helping each other, these two might just help themselves.

Of course, the fact that Knox just happens to be sex-on-legs, and claims to be her mate, will in no way impede her professionally.

Who is she trying to fool? Everything about Knox calls to the woman in her.

Sometimes you just have to believe in fate.

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