When things fell apart, Will took on a new identity, he became a biker. It gave him a sense of belonging. With the rest of his gang he built up a business he was proud of, it enabled him to help others. He gained respect. Yet his self respect was lost, for he also gave up his mate.

How can he call himself a bear when he denied the one thing he should value above all else? Yet the bear is a part of him, a part that has to be mastered and controlled or it would take matters into its own hands and go and claim his mate, whatever the cost.

But now she’s here, standing in front of him, can he be that strong, can he push her away once more? Or can he become the man she wants, the man she needs, because the person that took everything from him, is now threatening her.

And if she’s come to ask him for help, then he must be her only hope.

He is her only hope, but he’s a man she barely knows anymore. Riding around on his motorcycle, part of a gang, is there any way he can help Fiona? So what if he does look good in his leathers? Will might be everything she could want in a mate, but he won’t claim her.

He told her it was because his father would disinherit him if he mated with a bear from another clan. Yet when his father died he gave away his fortune. Now she needs to know who he is, who he is brave enough to be. Or can he be all things, can he be her biker, bear, billionaire?

Or are they destined to be apart forever?

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